About artec technologies AG

Company Profile

artec technologies AG is a German public company (A6T) headquartered in Diepholz, Germany who develops and produces innovative software and systems solutions for the transmission, recording and analysis of video, audio and metadata via networks or the internet. Since the year 2000 customers have been using the product platform MULTIEYE® for HD Video Security Solutions and XENTAURIX® for Media & Broadcast Streaming and Recording applications.

artec technologies offers its customers custom-tailored one-stop solutions (project planning,
commissioning, service & support) for standard products as well as for special developments. You can find more details about our other product lines, as well as about our technology partners and our career opportunities, on the artec main website: www.artec.de

artec technologies’ Management Team

The artec technologies Inc. team is run by Ingo Hoffmann and Thomas Hoffmann, who, as managers with international experience, have a high degree of expertise, marketing knowledge and technological competence.

Dipl. Ing. Ingo Hoffmann

Ingo Hoffmann graduated in civil engineering and is also an inventor. As CTO he is responsible for research, development and product design. After his studies of electrical engineering at the University of and studies of mathematics and physics at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and studies of mathematics and physics at the University of Osnabrück he worked from 1978 as a member of higher management at Stiebel Eltron. After that he led the sales department of aerospace industry at AEG-Telefunken.

Thomas Hoffmann

Thomas Hoffmann is a trader and a manager with international experience. After training in business management in London he worked abroad as a technical trader. As a member of the management board he is responsible for business development, sales and distribution, marketing and human resources management.