artec technologies AG: Leading European media group opts for the XENTAURIX Cloud

+ Open cloud platform with cognitive engines for audio-visual data analysis

+ Customers benefit from in-depth analysis of their data and low costs

+ Artificial intelligence increasingly in demand in the media world

Diepholz/Bremen – 13. December 2017: artec technologies AG (ISIN DE0005209589), specialist for intelligent and user-defined applications in real-time audio-visual data processing and analysis, has gained another reference customer for its XENTAURIX cloud. With a multi-year framework agreement, the media group will use extensive applications of the XENTAURIX cloud from January onwards.

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS), the customer is provided with powerful computer programs to search, analyze, process and produce new audio-visual content. The infrastructure set up especially for the Group meets the high security requirements in a cloud operation and ensures compliance with national data protection guidelines.

“We are very pleased that we were able to win over another leading European media group for our XENTAURIX cloud services in the current year. Our patented technology makes it easier for our customers to make their daily editorial work more efficient and cost-effective, and to better analyze and monetise their data - the oil of the future", says artec CEO Thomas Hoffmann. In recent years, artec has consistently advanced the strengths and quality of its products and services in the media and broadcast industries and introduced further innovations to the market. Thanks to its many years of experience, the company has an important competitive advantage.

Customers use the XENTAURIX cloud platform to systematically evaluate their audiovisual information material from a wide variety of sources, including TV, radio, streaming services and social media. For this purpose, various cognitive analysis tools – so-called engines – are available to users, which will be expanded in the future by the use of deep learning and artificial intelligence programmes. These cognitive engines accelerate meaningful data collection that enables industry experts to stay competitive with real-time intelligence and powerful applications, both now and in the future.

In addition to its own artec engines, the platform is also open to third parties in order to offer customers maximum added value and the greatest possible flexibility from a data analysis. The XENTAURIX Cloud's current and future applications include: audience ratings and sentiment, audio and video fingerprinting analysis, face and object recognition, translation of a wide range of languages, and fake news recognition. Evaluations are retrieved where they are needed - from a laptop, tablet and cloud to any environment that meets the needs of a company.

Fake news detection: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are increasingly being used to disseminate information. As a rule, these platforms are not monitored, the sources of information are not checked and thus the possibility is offered to spread untruths. This is a major challenge for professional news agencies and the media world as a whole. The message recognition engine (developed by University College London) enables the content of social media platforms to be validated against known reference sources. 

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artec technologies at IBC2017 in Amsterdam

artec technologies AG from Diepholz/Germany presents new and proven products and system solutions of its XENTAURIX platform at Booth C28 in Hall 7:


The XENTAURIX Video Cloud permits to record and analyse TV and radio stations, web TV and radio stations as well as Internet video live streams. Applications include broadcast recording, statutory broadcast confirmation, long-term archiving, competition monitoring, TV audience analysis and detection of same/similar broadcast contents or copyright violations. The TV and radio stations selected by the customer are seamlessly recorded together with their metadata such as EPG, subtitles and teletext. Screenshots and video clips can be user-friendly made and centrally stored, processed and downloaded. In addition, the XENTAURIX Video Cloud offers OTT services and is operated via the data centre of artec technologies AG.

XENTAURIX Content Analysis

The Video Fingerprinting Tool permits to automatically search for same or similar broadcast contents, e.g. to find commercials in TV broadcasts. Video fingerprinting is also used to detect copyright violations. The Audio Fingerprinting Tool from artec automatically recognises music in TV and radio broadcasts based on a database containing far more than 40 million music tracks.

TV Audience Analysis Tool

The TV Audience Analysis Tool for the transparent analysis of audience ratings provides tools for station and target group comparison, audience distribution, affinity as well as audience migration. The audience ratings over time are displayed in the form of diagrams and can be played back in fast forward or reverse mode. For the synchronous playback of TV broadcasts and audience ratings, the analysis tools can be combined with video players.

XENTAURIX BroadcastLogger

The proven XENTAURIX BroadcastLogger (XBL) is a professional media recorder for the digital recording, analysis and playback of different TV, video and audio formats and their metadata. It is used as multi-source/multi-channel encoding, monitoring, transcoding, recording and streaming system for numerous applications and has been used worldwide for many years. The latest version features a HTML5 user interface and allows the storage of personalised GUIs. At the trade fair, artec moreover showcases the new X-MediaPlayer for the analysis of live and on demand TV content and clips with up to six simultaneous players on a single screen, synchronous playback and seamless switching from live to time shift operation.

>>> artec technologies AG: Hall 7 Booth C28.

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April 11, 2017

International media corporation chooses artec cloud platform for TV analysis

+ First major new customer after the launch of the cloud initiative in February
+ Real-time analysis for the customer’s European TV stations
+ Analysis of real-time information from multiple sources has only just begun


Diepholz/Bremen – 11 April 2017: An international media corporation has chosen the cloud platform of artec technologies AG (WKN 520958), a specialist for the storage and evaluation of real-time information from diverse sources from TV to the Internet, for the documentation and analysis of its European TV stations. The cooperation has been agreed for at least several years. It is the first major customer signed up after the launch of artec’s cloud initiative in February 2017. artec is thus expanding its business model and becoming a supplier of cloud-based solutions for the TV, media and advertising industries besides handling the traditional project business.

“We are very pleased that we needed only such a short time to convince the first major new customers of the benefits of our patented XENTAURIX technology platform as a cloud service, as it shows that expanding our business model has been the right decision,” says artec CEO Thomas Hoffmann. “And this is only just the beginning. More and more enterprises are beginning to see the opportunities that arise for their business from analysing real-time information from multiple sources – from TV and radio to social media. artec has decades of experience in this field and is able to offer the most diverse, customised analysis tools on this basis.”

SaaS cloud platform for the analysis of TV stations and social media
Operated under the SaaS (Software as a Service) scheme, artec’s cloud platform comprises European TV and radio stations and facilitates the integration of analytical feedbacks from social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. The artec services combine technologies which not only enable the automated recognition of images, logos, texts, objects, faces and voices in video sequences to make it easier for rights holders, media institutions and advertising agencies to monitor the rights of use of their own contents. The advertising industry also stands to benefit from these services. Tools for the more detailed analysis of audience ratings, for instance, provide more detailed insights which help programme planners and editors to make the necessary adjustments to optimise their own ratings.

artec expects the predictable and high-margin cloud revenues to make an important contribution to revenues in the Broadcast Division in the medium term.

February 3, 2017

artec technologies AG launches cloud platform for integrated TV and online audience analyses

+ Real-time analysis of initially 300 European TV stations
+ Analytical feedback from social media
+ Targeting multi-screeners for maximising ad spend’s ROI


artec technologies AG (WKN 520958), a specialist for the storage and evaluation of real-time information from diverse sources from TV to the Internet, has announced an expansion of its business model. In addition to its traditional business, the company will provide cloud-based artificial intelligence, analytics and cognitive solutions. Its new cloud platform for TV and online analyses will allow to integrate real-time analysis of initially 300 European TV stations with analytical feedback from social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

“Having invested a great deal of effort into the evolution of our patented XENTAURIX technology platform, we are now ready to offer our high-end solutions also in the cloud,” says artec CEO Thomas Hoffmann. Customers stand to benefit from our decades-long experience in storing and evaluating real-time information from a wide variety of sources. For several years we have also been operating our own Cloud TV Service Center but, save for a few exceptions, it has most been used for internal purposes.”


Operated on an SaaS (Software as a Service) basis, artec’s cloud platform offers companies the possibility to document, archive and research European TV channels in real-time. The tools for detailed TV audience analysis co-developed by artec can be combined with sentiment analyses of target audiences based on data from social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, thereby offering profound insights to assist programme planners and editors in making adjustments to improve their own ratings.

At their core, the artec services pull together technologies which enable automated recognition of images, logos, texts, objects, faces and languages in video sequences. Rights owners, media organisations and advertising agencies can use these technologies for improved monitoring of their own content. Advertisers benefit from these services as well.


Thomas Hoffmann explains: “While watching TV, today’s typical media consumer uses several screen-based devices such as smartphones and tablets. These “multi-screeners” are among the most valued and influential consumer groups. These are young, trend-oriented consumers with plenty of purchasing power. Customers can use the smart combination of our technologies to enhance both their reach and their advertising impact. Therefore, a TV commercial can be timed to coincide with the simultaneous launch of coordinated web campaign, with online ads picking up the story of the TV commercial in order to motivate multi-screeners to purchase. As a result, reach and impact of brands and messages can be improved and thereby the ad spend’s ROI maximised.”

June 2, 2016

artec technologies AG: New large-scale TV analysis contract is a technological milestone

+ Project structure combines all important production innovations of the past years
+ Order volume of over EURm 1 to be reflected in sales revenues already in summer 2016
+ Extension option from 350 to 700 TV channels

Diepholz/Bremen – 2 June 2016: artec technologies AG (WKN 520958), a specialist for the network and internet-based transmission, recording, processing and analysis of video/audio and TV data, has won an international tender and obtained a new large-scale order in the TV analysis sector from a leading global sports channel based in Qatar. The order volume in excess of EUR 1 million will be fully reflected in sales revenues already in summer 2016.

The contract comprises a complete TV monitoring and content analysis system with IPTV connection, which is developed and marketed by artec technologies under the XENTAURIX brand name. At the first stage, some 350 TV channels will be documented, analysed and evaluated, with an extension to a total of 700 TV channels planned for a later date

“We are proud that we were able to beat renowned international competitors. We are the only supplier to offer all systems representing the latest state of the art from a single source as well as great user friendliness,” says Thomas Hoffmann, CEO of artec technologies AG. “The contract is a technological milestone for our company, as it is the first to cover our full range of services, from data storage to analysis to the provision of TV content via the Intranet or Internet to mobile terminals."

The project structure combines artec’s most important product innovations of the past years such as the content matching technology, which allows the TV channel to detect its own contents on other TV channels so as to prevent unauthorised use and protect its broadcasting rights. In addition, the artec system supports OTT applications for the distribution of TV content to mobile terminals. Over-the-top content (OTT) is the delivery of audio, video, and other media over the Internet without the involvement of a service provider in the control or distribution of the content.

The contract makes artec one of the world’s top suppliers of intelligent media solutions for TV stations, online media companies, cable network operators and providers of streaming services.

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June 25, 2015

artec technologies AG sells AV-System to Europe’s biggest Maritime Training Center

Maritime Training CenterDiepholz / Hamburg – artec technologies AG in Germany recently received an order from Transas Marine to develop a professional 200 channel AV recording system for one of the biggest maritime simulation training projects. The solution supplied by artec will be synchronised with the Transas simulation systems and used for live surveillance and debriefing during training exercises.

The order includes development of a new graphic user interface and control integration between Transas' simulation software and the AV recording system provided by artec.
"In this project, we are combining our expertise from both Broadcast and Surveillance technologies in order to generate a high class monitoring system", explains Thomas Hoffmann, CEO of artec technologies.

Tobias Lehnert, Principal Project Manager at Transas Marine comments: "Transas is happy to collaborate with such a capable partner like artec to develop the AV media recording for our simulation project. They have the ability to translate our special requirements into a working easy-to-use high performance system".

Klaus Graumann, International Sales and Projects Manager at artec, adds: "We have formed a team from both Broadcast and Surveillance Engineering Groups, so we can easily fulfil these complex tasks. Everybody here is excited to push the boundaries of what is possible within agreed budget and time. Again, artec is entering new fields of professional media applications." "This is probably the biggest video project in maritime training ever, and it opens up new business opportunities for artec", concludes Thomas Hoffmann.

About Transas
Transas is a world-leading provider of high tech equipment, software applications, integrated solutions and services for the maritime industry: Transas has over 35% of the ECDIS world market share, around 25% of VTMS installations and over 45% or the maritime simulation market. Transas offers best-in-class navigation systems and integrated bridge solutions, recognized training and simulation solutions, well-known VTMS and coastal surveillance systems, shipping company and port management systems, onboard and individual decision support systems for professional crew and pilots, as well as popular applications for leisure and the marine mass market.Transas operates more than 20 own regional offices as well as its global network of partners serving Transas customers in more than 120 countries.

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