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Media & Broadcast Logger

TV / Radio / Video Compliance Recording System

Compliance Recording is simply easy with XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger (XBL), offering 100% broadcast accountability, channel scalability and long term recording capacity with very affordable pricing. Keeping your broadcasting legally compliant is a day-to-day challenge, where every broadcast second needs to meet exacting broadcasting standards. Falling foul of these standards, typically results in legal lawsuits and loss of advertiser revenues and broadcast ratings.

Capture, Monitor, Review, Ingest

XBL is the vital solution to ensure every second of broadcast material is precisely captured, safely stored and maintained in the highest possible quality. Easily counter any consumer, legal or internal investigation with broadcast material accurately stored in XBL.

Highly Reliable

XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger is a truly exceptional broadcast compliance recorder, allowing any number of channels and any number of days recording capacity to be stored, utilizing the highest quality MPEG-2 or H.264 video codecs. XBL features “neverfail” reliability ensuring your video & audio broadcast feeds are always recorded 24×7. It features web based content retrieval and secure access, allowing fast, easy material retrieval, validation and exporting for broadcast investigations.

Media Broadcast Logger System for image + audio transmission in media, radio and television
Proof of transmission, recording, competition analysis in standard and extended professional version

Media & Broadcast Logger as Standard and Professional version

The Media & Broadcast Loggers are available as standalone device with up to 16 channels or as Professional System with any number of channels. Both models have integrated hard disk arrays for the recording of video data. Instead of the integrated storage, external storage servers may be used. System redundancy ensures a maximum of reliability.

Saves cost of investments, systems and manpower

The Media & Broadcast Loggers are used as multifunctional systems. Where several systems are used e.g. for

  1. juridical compliance recording
  2. Program monitoring and analytics
  3. Video clip production system for media centres
  4. Encoder and streaming server

only a single system is used which saves tremendous operating expenses and rack space.

Multi-channel, multi-source

The Media & Brodcast Logger processes any number of channels from numerous different signal sources from SD/HD-SDI, ASI, analog audio/video, HDMI/RGB/DVI, IP-video plus TS streams and DVB or FM/AM antenna signals as well as metadata such as EPG, As-Run-Logs or bookmarks. The device can also be used as IPTV headend for IPTV / OTT applications in connection with the integrateable DVB-C/S/T receivers. With the existing H.264 Anywhere transcoder and streaming server streams can be displayed on all common stationary and mobile devices – live, time-shifted and as VoD.

Record many Web TV Streams + Web pages parallel, analyze shows, replay the shows time-shifted
Extension modules: multiple image + volume monitoring, content matching, social media recording

Multifunctionality through expansion modules

XENTAURX Media & Broadcast Logger can be extended by a variety of modules, e.g.

  • Multiscreen Monitoring
  • Content matching: video, audio
  • TS & Proxy monitoring & recording
  • Loudness monitoring
  • Recording of social media streams and websites

Further information: XENTAURIX modules

Suitable for many further applications

Apart from the typical broadcast applications the Media & Broadcast Loggers are also used in evidence & activity compliance where video, audio, monitor screen and metadata are streamed and recorded (e.g. in contact centers, operation rooms , training facilities). For video security purposes the XBL is used as professional multi-channel network video recorder (NVR) for the recording and streaming of high-resolution IP-cameras or for events, congresses, seminars, further education.

Indefinitely expandable, highest reliability

Media & Broadcast Loggers are built modularly and cascadable. The systems are expandable. XENTAURIX systems in different places are remotely controllable.

Multifunctional applicable for training, security applications, information, news, large events
High rack density, easy operation, user-friendly, low energy expenditure, for little space

High Density – saves cost of operations

With the latest XBL generation up to 20HD and 40SD channels per device can be encoded, transcoded, streamed and recorded. Depending on the kind of signal in 1-3 rack units (RU). This saves tremendous rack space and saves energy costs.

Easy operation – user-friendly

The User Interface (UI) is individually adjustable and can be saved for every client or user group. Customer-specific UIs for touch devices may also be developed.