Stream Recorder


  • on-demand catch-up TV,
  • N-DVR and
  • time-shift video playback services

is easy with XENTAURIX StreamRecorder, offering exceptionally high performance, scalability and long term recording capacity with very affordable pricing.

Applicable for recording of live content from social media platforms

The Stream Recorder can also be used to record live content from social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Recording time 30 days and more

XENTAURIX Stream Recorder is a truly exceptional video archive recorder, allowing from 30+ days recording capacity combined with multiple recording options, including HD-SDI, DVB and IP utilising the highest quality H.264 and MPEG2 video codecs for delivery to multiple screens.

Easy to handle user management with up to 1.000 channels

XENTAURIX Stream Recorder is truly scalable from 1 to 1,000s of channels all centrally managed, recorded and watched over by XENTAURIX easy to use management platform.

XENTAURIX products are worldwide successfully in use

Designed and developed in Germany, XENTAURIX Stream Recorder originates from the XENTAURIX Broadcast Compliance recording solutions, where high quality, reliability and scalability are paramount for success. Since the year 2000 XENTAURIX Broadcaster has been firmly proven and established in leading Tier 1 broadcasters throughout the World.

XENTAURIX Stream Recorder for audio streams + video streams up to 1.000 channels, integrated streaming server


  • Record 30+ days complete with all meta-data (EPG, CC, DVB-Text)
  • H.264 and MPEG2 codecs for exceptional quality
  • Easy to use, install and operate
  • 24/7 ‘never-fail’ configuration eliminates missed programming
  • Scalable to any number of channels
  • Supports HD-SDI, IP, DVB and IP data-stream sources
  • Proactive operator alerts to prevent major incidents
  • Integrated with streaming servers and CDNs


  • Broadcast ‘Catch-Up’ TV for broadcasters and multi-screen OTT applications
  • Closed user group N-DVR applications for Enterprise, Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Post conference event streaming

XENTAURIX Streaming Recorder for broadcasting services, companies, events, conferences, hotels, schools