Use our X-MultiScreen module to extend any XENTAURIX system. That allows you to encode and spread all channels to one or more displays with your XENTAURIX system. This includes live television, radio and video stream. One Mini PC is needed as signal decoder for every attached display. You can scale and place all channel windows to the desired size and position them on any screen with the MultiScreen Layouter. These layouts can be saved as configuration favourites. These can be used for quick restore of typically used layouts. The decoder can be mounted invisibly to the back of the display using a VESA mounting adapter. All you need is a LAN connection from the Mini PC to the XENTAURIX system.


Content Matching

Content Matching

With the X-VideoFingerprinting module TV commercials, clippings and complete TV broadcasts can automatically be found in the recordings. Even if only a reference image from a movie, show or ad matches the broadcast it will be found and the percental degree of congruence with the original is displayed. This way, even edited broadcasts are localized. VideoFingerprinting is used for the detection of copyright infringement as well as for the analysis of TV commercials.

X-Video Fingerprinting

The X- Audio Fingerprinting module helps finding the same or similar content in both live broadcast and recorded TV and Radio signals. This also requires an audio sequence to be uploaded to serve as reference material. The audio fingerprinting module is also used for automatic identification of music titles and the extraction of related META data during live operation. A data base with over 40 million songs supplies all other related data such as title, album, musician, composer and writer and more. All data are then stored 24/7 together in the XENTAURIX System. Data can be searched and retrieved for automated reporting to collecting societies and performance rights organisations. Clicking on an item in the list of recognized music start to play the title.

XENTAURIX Media Player

Video Editing Tools with Instant Replay

The X-Editor is a tool especially developed for fast editing and generation of video clips and used for clip production in media centers or applied by media monitoring companies for TV monitoring. The X-Editor is characterized by its user-friendliness. With the Jog Shuttle you can access most functions in X-Editor. Default keyboard shortcuts are pre-defined and are modifiable any time. Jog Shuttle enables a fast search: You can fast forward / rewind with 8-fold speed.

The X-MediaPlayer is a monitoring and editing tool for the synchronous replay of up to six channels. Additional functions are 32-fold fast forward and rewind, editing of video clips with instant replay function (i.e. creating clips directly from the live signal), EPG display, snapshot function, storyboard display, subtitles, content matching support with VideoFingerprinting, creating clip lists, proxy support (i.e. creating TS clips), inserting time stamps, shortcut support.

Closed Captions and Subtitles

The X-CC module extracts subtitles and closed captions from the TV signal and synchronizes them with recordings as data. This gives you an easy way to index the video according to speech, if the Closed Captions are used for subtitling the speech.

TS & Proxy Monitoring and Recording

The X-TS module proceeds full resolution MPEG TS and low resolution proxy recordings including accompanying metadata. TS and proxy content will be recorded in XENTAURIX subunits or external storage devices. Operators can monitor live and playback, search and edit video clips with the proxy functionality on their PCs. Created low resolution video clips will be concurrently available and stored in high resolution quality. The X-TS module delivers additionally Unicast MPTS or SPTS streams for IPTV applications.

Multiple Input Devices

The standard input device of a XENTAURIX system is designed for processing M/SPTS IP streams (UDP/TCP/RTP). In addition, XENTAURIX features integrated source acquisition for a wide range of audio and video inputs: DVB-S/T/C and FM/AM/DAB radio by fully integrated tuners (with decryption), Analog AV, SD/HD-SDI, TS-IP, ASI , IP-video (RTSP), HDMI/RGB/DVI. Interfaces are available for import of As-Run-Logs, EPG data, TV ratings, active directory.

Multiple Input Devices

MultiAudio Support

The X-MultiAudio module proceeds encoding, recording and streaming of additional audio channels within a video feed, depending on type of signal source.

Loudness Monitoring

The X-Loudness module controls compliances measurement of audio levels according to EBU R128 and ITU BS1770-2.