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Realtime electronic activity recording systems for audiovisual life events, including evidence recording and worldwide access


Evidential Monitoring And Debriefing Recording

XENTAURIX collects media from multiple sources including video cameras, microphones, display monitors and keyboard stroke capture ensuring accurate indisputable evidential information is stored as it happened in real-time. XENTAURIX uniquely merges and synchronises this information into a single event timeline to enable fast retrieval in evidential, debriefing and monitoring environments. With XENTAURIX your organisation is empowered to provide event information allowing fast resolution of disputes or claims.

High Definition Video And Audio Quality

It seamlessly documents work flows, incidents, operations, events and training programmes in High Definition video and audio quality.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Source Recorder

XENTAURIX uniquely integrates multiple input sources into a synchronised event time-line, producing an accurate account of events as they happened.