TV Competition Monitoring

XentauriX Media Monitoring contains effective tools for watching and analyzing of medial activities in TV and Radio
Observing competition. Tracking of broadcasts time-shifted. What is your competitor publishing?

Multiviewer access for Live and Recorded Content

In the broadcast sector, the analysis of competition TV content plays a major role. What was broadcast at what time? How often was advertised when and what? How are the TV ratings? The multiviewer monitoring of live and recorded content with synchronous playback can be optimally displayed in multiviewer screen mode. For live viewing, instant replay is a big advantage for watching the content time-shifted.

TV Rating Analyzer Optional

In combination with the optionally available Rating Analyzer audience ratings of competing stations can be monitored.
Your advantage: You can easily analyze your competitors’ content.
More benefit: Reflect your own content. The MultiScreen display of your own broadcasts and those of your competitors side by side allows you to reflect on your own production, come up with new ideas and plan for the future.

Ad Verification – find and analyze identical and similar broadcast content

Video fingerprinting and audio fingerprinting tools can be used to find and analyze identical and similar broadcast content in TV / Radio.