TV / Radio / Media Compliance Recording

State-of-the-art Logger System for TV / Radio Broadcast stations, agencies, editorial offices and media merchants to monitor, record and analyze broadcast media content

Requirements for Media & Broadcast Logger

As a buyer seeking a media & broadcast logger solution for your organization you have no doubt been confronted with a wide range of choices and systems available to you. Filtering and finding the right solution is a challenge.
As a buyer, if you are searching for the following capabilities then look no further:

  • integrated live audio & video acquisition, playback and recording
  • range of video qualitis including SD, HD encoding in H.264, H.265
  • distribution to enterprise networks, media players and CDNs

More details

Media Broadcast Logger solution for business and enterprise networks, meets your needs
Recording TV/radio/video multiple channels + sources simultaneously. Broadcast on demand,  analysing

Recording numerous channels from different signal sources

With the XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger (XBL) System, TV, radio and Web-TV stations can be recorded, called up and analyzed via network or the internet. In addition to video and audio tracks, the system also stores metadata such as EPG, subtitles, speech-recognition texts, as-run logs, bookmarks, and TV quotas. With just a few clicks of the mouse, the entries can be called up through key words, the calendar, or turbo fast-forward or rewind and then directly played back, edited, commented, and stored as clips.

In the multiviewer mode, a number of broadcast stations can simultaneously either be shown live or played back. In combination with the TV rating module, the system allows you to analyze the effects of advertisements and programme sequences in relation to the programme content that is displayed in parallel.

Selectable number of channels and duration of storage

Depending on the number of channels, quality, and memory capacity, broadcasts can be stored for months or even years. At the same time, the system can record on ring storage in the 24/7 mode or through the timer. Video and audio quality can be set individually – the system also masters HD and contains signal inputs such as DVB-S, C, T, ASI, analog, SDI, RGB, FM/AM and IP for recording streams (WMV and H.264).

Web site Recording, Web Archiving

XENTAURIX now offers the ability to record and archive complete websites, including all subpages or specified webpages. This new feature is primarily utilised by news and social media sites to maintain a recording of their news and story updates. The recording cycle is adjustable by the XENTAURIX scheduler to take time-based snapshots, for example every 5 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours etc. The XENTAURIX HTML5 Player allows users to select the recording time and browse through the web pages in replay mode.

Long-term storage of TV shows and videos.  Timer control.  Record news websites.
Analysis of TV shows, video podcasts, radio. Audience quota analysis. Long-term recording, tv rating

TV video analysis in combination with TV ratings

For video analysis, several TV channels can be arrayed on the multiviewer desktop for live display as well as for simultaneous playback. As an option, time-shifted TV quotas can be displayed beneath the player. During playback, the TV quotas are then displayed in sync. Through long-term recording, analyses are possible for the entire recording time. This facilitates the analysis of the effectiveness of commercials and programs and enables direct knowledge of the contents of other channels at that specific time.

Applicable from anywhere

For editors, the logger system is a powerful instrument for analyzing broadcasts via LAN/ WAN/ Internet. Through multibit streaming, the user can utilize the logger system even when only limited bandwidth is available.

User-friendly interface

XENTAURIX is accessible with a user friendly web based interface. This modern interface enables ingenious user-friendly, interactive operation with an impressive design. It includes especially user-defined interfaces, and supports all common browsers for Windows PCs or Macs.

User-friendly easy operation, comfortable nice design, specific adjustable, applicable from anywhere